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Optimize Memory to Speed Up Your PC!

Smashing Memory Optimizer is a free Windows memory optimization and process management tool!

Effectively optimize your Windows system's memory usages, free up physical RAM and make your PC run faster.

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Speed up your Windows system by freeing the usage of memory with Smashing Memory Optimizer!

  • Free Up Windows Memory Usage
    Free you system resource and speed up your PC!

  • Recover Memory From Windows Programs
    Free up memory from programs to boost speed!

  • Eliminate Memory Leaks
    Eliminate the memory leaks of programs.

  • 1-Click Optimization
    One mouse click to optimize Windows memory.

  • Process Monitor
    Show CPU Usage, Disk I/O and Memory Usage of running process.

  • Free Frozen Windows
    Show running program's Window, and close the frozen Windows.

"I think this program could be the right choice if people want to increase the Windows memory." - Alice Miller, US

Try our Smashing Memory Optimizer
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